Om Namo Venkateshaya Review

Nagarjuna and Ragavendra rao who got success with devotional movies like Annamayya, Sri Rama Dasu and Shiridi Sai now again came up with one more devotional movie titled 'Om Namo Venkateshaya'. This movie released today with many expectations. Let's see how the movie is. Story: Coming to the story Ramu want to see the god from his childhood. He will ask his teacher that what to learn to see the god. He answers there is nothing to learn foe seeing god only prayer is enough. So, Ramu starts praying god at his childhood only. This prayer continues few years one day his prayer was disturbed by small kid. Who is that kid? Did Ramu saw the god? How did normal Ramu changed to Hati ram Bavaji is the rest of the story. Performances: Coming to the performances we have to talk about Nagarjuna performance in the movie. As her performed in devotional movies earlier he shown his performance to the peaks in this movie as devotee. His acting is major asset to the movie. Anushka performance in Krishnamma character is also notable. Director Ragavendra rao should be appreciated to showcase all the performances. Saurab Jain is apt as lord Venkateshwara swamy. All other actors did justice to their roles. Technical aspects: Firstly Gopal Reddy Cinematography is topnotch in the movie. Every frame looked very rich. Keeravani music is also a major plus and so Re Recording. Gautam Raju editing is perfect. Ragavendra rao proved his direction talent again. He must spent some time on the screenplay. Plus points: 1)Story 2) Nagarjuna acting 3) Anushka 4) Gopal Reddy Cinematography Minus points: 1) Lack of screenplay 2) Climax Conclusion: Don't expect Annamayya Range and watch the movie you will definitely love it. Feast for Devotional lovers. Rating:3/5

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