Ntr Next With Puri?

NTR has three movies in his hands. One with Puri Jagannath, one with tamil director Linguswamy and other one with Anil Ravipudi. But, he may act under the Puri Jagannath direction. Puri Jagannath is the only director to direct dashing subjects. He also completes the movie in the given time. But, NTR is waiting for the ISM result to go forward. Already he saw the movie in editing room. But, he want to know the audience result. Trailer got unanimous response from the audience. Generally all Puri Jagannath movie trailers are excellent. So, he want to decide after knowing the result. Other side producers decided to release the movie for dussera. But, now it was postponed to mid October or November. After releasing this movie we will get clarity about Puri and NTR movie.

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