Ntr Movie Depends On Amithab

From few days a news is surrounding that Bobby narrated a story to NTR and NTR liked the script very much and excited to act in this movie. Latest sources say that Abhishek Bachan should give green signal for this movie to go on floors. Kona Venkat wrote the story which Bobby narrated to NTR. Already Kona Venkat said story to Abhishek and He immediately bought story by giving advance.

After NTR accepting the story Kona Venkat went to Abhishek pictures and said them that he will return  advance. But, thy are not accepting this. Now Ram gopal Varma is taking cafe about this issue. Now if Abhishek ready to lose the movie the movie will go on sets. If Abhishek Bachan accepts the movie will be done by NTR.

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