Nirmala Convent Review

Nagarjuna is one of the hero in tollywood who encourage new talent. Already Raj tarun got good place in tollywood who introduced from his banner. Now, he is going to introduce Srikanth son Roshan with 'Nirmala convent'. G.Naga Koteshwar rao is the director of this movie in which Nagarjuna is also playing a key role. So, there are many expectations on the movie. Let's see did the movie reached the expectations or not. There is a king in a village named Bhupathi nagaram. He has huge respect in his village. He has 99 acres of land and one acre belongs to LB Sriram which passes water to total 99 acres. But LB Sriram denies to give that land. So, that king will kill him. LB Sriram said to his son Surya that to never leave the land which gives food to everyone before he die. Roshan is son of Surya and Shreya is grand daughter of that king. They both will study in a school named 'Nirmala convent' from Their childhood. Roshan is first in study and General knowledge. Shreya is a mischievous girl. Then they both will fell in love. The king came to know the matter and he sends goons to beat Roshan. Then Surya understands the love of his son and requests that King to accept their love. The king demands the acre land. Surya accepts and gives the land to the king. Then the king cheats him after getting the land. He will say him to come to his range then let's think about the marriage.Roshan knows about the matter and how did he gained his love is the rest of the story. This is the first movie for Roshan. But, he didn't made audience that feeling. We will remember Srikanth while seeing him. He lived in the character as a poor guy. His screen presence is very good. He Carried every small emotion. Nagarjuna played his personal character in the movie. Roshan parents characters are also to be appropriated. Aditya Menen, Sameer, Ravi Prakash and LB Sriram did justice to their roles. Total first half is in convent with few entertaining scenes.when story meets Nagarjuna everyone understands the rest of the story. Main minus Point of the movie is without any twist the story movies forward. Thagubothu Ramesh comedy irritates. There must be few entertaining scenes in the movie. Director must take care on dialogues and comedy. Cinematography is very good. He showed village very colourful in the first half. Roshan Music and Re recording is excellent. He also got the credit of introducing AR Ameen with Kotha Kotha Basha song. Editing is good. He also made Nagarjuna to sing a song. Production values are top notch. Finally Roshan and Shreya got good marks for their performance. Punch line: Entertaining 'Nirmala convent'.

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