Niharika In Confusion

Mega daughter Niharika entered tollywood industry with huge expectations. Her debut movie is very simple but she didn't got success with that movie. She disappointed with the flop of 'Oka Manasu'. Apart from the movie result her performance and her role hot huge applause from critics. Now big question is will she do her second movie or not?
Niharika go some offers before 'Oka Manasu' release. But she thought to sign her second movie depending on this movie. Now movie released and result is also out. Glamour roles will not suit her. Lays is the only telugu heroine who continued her movies without doing glamour roles.
Now will Niharika take inspiration from her and continue or not is the question. Other side Naga babu is very happy for the applause Niharika is getting. Her mother who designed her costumes in 'Oka Manasu' is disappointed. Let's see what Niharika will do.

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