Nani About His Dream Role

Natural Star Nani is on full swing. His next movie Majnu is going to release in four more days which is his third movie in this year. It will be a fourth movie if we include his guest role in Jyo Achuthananda. There are many expectations on Majnu. Nani is also very confident on the movie. He is also planning to release his next movie 'Nenu Local' to release in this year. In this process he said about his dream role in one of his recent interview. He satisfied as and actor till now. But he has a dream role to do. He want to act in a movie like Gladiator. When he said this earlier everyone laughed at him. But, now because of Rajamouli and Bahubali he will not face that situation. He said that Bahubali proved the telugu cinema stamina in war based movies. He is very confident that one day he will fulfill his dream. Rajamouli has stamina to do that movie.

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