Nagabharanam Comes With Big Production Company

From the studio green banner, K.E.Ganavel Raj presenting a movie named 'Naga bharanam'. Kodi Rama Krishna is the director for this film who shown us the visual wonders like Ammoru, Arundathi, Anji etc. Kannada super star Vishnu vardhan is hero in this film, he will be shown in the visual effects which is one of the wonders of this film. This movie is making with the huge budget of 40 crores which is being produced by Jayanthi lal gaada,  Sajid kureshi, Sohail anarsi from the banners pen movies, inbox pictures and blockbuster pictures. Huge response got for the teaser which released recently. As per the sources the telangana and Andhra Pradesh rights for this movie bought by KE.Gnanvel raja which is releasing in a grand scale.
On this occasion studio green owner KE.Gnanvel raja said "This is a sensational project. Makuta visual effects which worked for Bahubali is working for this project. The visual effects in this movie will be extraordinary. I'm happy for distributing this movie in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh".
One of the producers Sajid qureshi said " The post production of this movie is going on. Kodi Rama Krishna presented this movie very Beautifully on screen. We are very confident that 'Nagabharanam' will create many wonders visually".
Kodi Rama Krishna said "This plot of this movie is about a girl who lost her emotion in her last birth. We reached more than our expectation visually. Definitely telugu audience are going to see one more visual wonder"

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