Mokshagna To Act In Balakrishna 100th Movie

Balakrishna is acting in his 100th film 'Gautami putra shatakarani'. The key scenes in this movie are now shooting at Jaarjiya. In this process a news is surrounding about this movie that is Balakrishna's son Mokshagna is going to act in this movie. Balakrishna is acting as Shatakarani where as Shreya is acting as his wife. There is a 'Pulomavi' character in this movie who is a son of Shatakarani. So, Balakrishna and Krish are thinking to take Mokshagna for that character. Balakrishna is thinking to introduce him with this character without taking him directly to the audience. If Balakrishna said ok then Mokshagna may act in this movie so that this movie will get more craze.

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