Mega Guest To Jakkanna Audio Launch

Offer in Mega star Chiranjeevi movie. That too act along with Chiranjeevi in total movie. This role has a more screen presence after Chiranjeevi. Anyone rejects this character? But Sunil rejected this.
Vennela kishore replaced his character. He danced along with Chiranjeevi on screen to clear the rumours in him. But Sunil need a help of Chiranjeevi now. Sunil invited Chiranjeevi to attend for his  Jakkanna audio launch. Do you know what is Mega star Chiranjeevi reaction is?
Why he is Mega star if he rejected him. Chiranjeevi accepted to come for the audio function and attending the function in June 24th in Hyderabad. Mega star Shown him how he likes Sunil.

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