Mega Fans Celebrating Festival With Boss Re-entry

Not only in film industry but in two telugu states there is only one word surrounding form few days that is "Boss is Back". Mega star Chiranjeevi 150th movie shooting started on 23rd of this month. VV.Vinayak is directing this movie which is a breaking news in every channel. Mega fans are very happy with this news. They are celebrating as festival with his re entry.
After 9 years he is acting in a Movie so everybody may think his grace and perfection may miss in this movie. But they got answer for that. That is maa tv Cinemaa awards function. You may thik what is link between Chiranjeevi 150th film and this function that is, In the Cinemaa awards event which is telecasted in Maa tv on Sunday he proved as an actor once again. Not one or two he performed five getups from his movies and entertained audience. The total shooting took only one day. He performed form his movies named Swayam Krushi, Gharana mogudu, Muta mesthiri, Indra and Shankar Dada. We can see same Chiranjeevi now again.
Now we can see all his performances in his 150th movie. That is only trailer to audience. This movie started its shooting on 23rd of this month and canning very speed. VV.Vinayak team is planning to release this movie for sankranthi. So crores of people can think that Boss is back.

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