Mahesh Change His Getup For Murugadoss Movie

Tollywood super star Mahesh babu is very strict some times. Sam time he is a directors hero. Personally he is will leave his interests. But if director asks anything he won't say no. It's directors fault if he does not ask Mahesh to do that.
Generally Mahesh babu looks clean shave in any movie. Now in Murgadoss movie he is going to look with Beard and moustache. Mahesh already accepted this makeover. Director explained Mahesh that hero is not soft in this movie. So Mahesh accepted to change his look.
Present Mahesh is in a tour with family. Once he returns this movie will go on to sets. Already they finalised heroine as Parneeti. This movie may release next year summer. It has a huge post production work which is equal as time taken for picturisation is the reason for this late said by the inside sources.

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