Krish To Direct Pawan Kalyan

Yes, Krish and Kalyan are going to join hands. But not for a movie. They are joining hands for a TV program like 'Satyameva Jayathe' which is conducted by Amir Khan in telugu.  Media moghal Ramoji rao is starting the program. The program will be telecasted in ETV.  Currently Krish is directing a movie with Balakrishna which was titled as 'Gautami putra shatakarani'. Once he completed the shooting he will concentrate on this program.
Pawan thought to do this type of program last year. But they didn't went forward because they didn't found the right person who will have capacity to run the show like that. Now, Krish came forward for Directing the show. Krish is well known for Ramoji rao. Krish produced few serials in ETV. He also produced a movie jointly with Ramoji rao which was named 'Dhagudu muthala dhandakor'. Very soon official confirmation will come out about this program.

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