Koratala Following Sentiments For Janatha Garage?

Every director  has sentiments. If he didn't feel that as sentiment, after the success it becomes as a sentiment. Now, Koratala Shiva has 3 sentiments. They are very silly but followed by Koratala. Those are

1. Prabhas is seen as student in Mirchi. Those scenes came out really well. Mahesh babu is also seen as student in Srimanthudu. Now, NTR is also going to seen as IIT student in 'Janatha garage'.

2. Prabhas touches Anushka feet in Mirchi. That scene is liked by everybody. Coming to Srimanthudu Mahesh babu also touches the feet of Sruthi hassen. That scene attracted the audience from the promotions of the movie. Now they added the scene in 'Janatha garage' that NTR touching Samantha's feet.

3. Prabhas will fight with the goons in the movie by lifting them into air. Same thing repeated in the Srimanthudu. Now, he used those fights in 'Janatha garage' too. Let's wait and see how many sentiments that Koratala still followed in Janatha garage. 

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