Kanupapa Movie Review

Malayalam Super hit movie ‘Oppam’ dubbed into telugu and going to release as ‘Kanupapa’. Mohanlal, Baby Meenakshi, Vimala Raman and Samudrakani played major roles in the movie which is directed by Priyadarshan. Mohanlal who entertained us with many movies became producer for this movie is ready to hit the screens this Friday. But, Film Jalsa is providing the review of this movie a day before. Let’s see how the movie is.

Mohanlal is a blind man who works as a caretaker at a multi storied apartment complex in the heart of the city and when a retired judge gets murdered in his flat, tumbles across more than just the corpse. When he realizes that the assassin would stop at nothing until he has his hands over lawers daughter who is away at a boarding school, Mohanlal decides to battle it out in the dark. Mohanlal decides to save the girl. Being blind will he save the girl? Did he came out from the murder case? Is the girl really daughter of judge? All these are set interesting in the movie.

Firstly we should talk about Mohanlal about the performances. His performance is excellent as blind person. All the characters in the movie revolves around Mohanlal character. Mainly his expressions in tight close shots are topnotch. Another super character in the movie is played by Baby Meenakshi. She is impressive in her Character. Samudrakani who played villan role for the first time in his career succeeded.

Background score plays key role in the crime movies like this. But, director shown the movie very realistic so, there is nothing much to say about background music. There are only three songs in the movie which are impressive. Ekambaram Cinematography is appriciable. Mohanlal also doesn’t compromise about Production. Finally director Priyadarshan should be appreciated for making the movie very gripping with a small story line.

1)Interesting screenplay,
2)Mohanlal and Samudrakani performances,
3)Second half

1) Slow narration in first half
2)Back ground score
3) Climax

This movie is not possible in Telugu because any star hero won’t dare to play this character. So think this is a dubbed movie and enjoy the gripping thriller.

Rating: 3/5

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