Kalyan Ram's Next Movie Title Confirmed

Kalyan Ram is currently acting under the direction of Puri Jagannath. After completing this movie he is going to act with AS Ravi Kumar. He also gave green signal to G. Nageshwar reddy. Kalyan Ram is going to seen in comedy role for the first time in his career in this movie.
Makers confirmed 'Dhanchave Menathha Kuthura' as the title for this movie. The title is taken from the song of Balakrishna in the movie named 'Mangamma gari Manavaralu'. Nageshwar reddy got huge success With his last movie 'Eedorakam aadorakam' and now going to release his latest movie 'Atadukundam raa' with Sushanth. Currently he is directing a movie with Allari Naresh which is titles as 'Intlo dayyam nakenduku bhayam'.  After this project he is going to direct a movie with Kalyan ram.

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