Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Movie Review, Rating

Srinivas Reddy who already proved as comedian and impressed with his first movie Geetanjali as hero. Now with the same speed he is coming with ‘Jayambu Nischayambu raa’. Already trailer and songs are very attractive. Shiva Raj Kanumuri directed this movie in which Poorna played a female lead. Makers arranged a premier show before 2 data with the confidence they have on the movie. Let’s see how the movie is.

Sarvamangalam (Srinivas Reddy) who believes in horoscope will came to know that he will get job very soon from a Swami ji (Jeeva). Srinivas Reddy will depends on him for everything because he don’t have self confidence. After getting job he want to transfer because of her mother. What are the problems faced by him for this transfer? Who is Rani (Poorna)? What is the real between Rani and sarvamangalam? To know answers for all these questions watch ‘Jayambu Nischayambu raa’.

Srinivas Reddy is the one man army for this movie. He took the total movie on his shoulders. We can’t see Srinivas Reddy on screen. We can only see Sarvamangalam. He impressed with the character who tried to gain love from his mother and also girl friend. Mainly in some emotional scenes audience will get connected to his performance. Poorna impressed with her acting. She has nothing to do in the movie but attracted within her role. We should talk about Krishna Bhagawan character in this movie. He played a good character after many years. His comedy in the second half is hilarious. Posani and Praveen comedy scenes are also major plus point for the movie. Ravi Varma, Jeeva, Krishnudu, Prabhas Sreenu, Raghu Karumanchi characters are ok.

This is the first movie for Director Shiva Raj but he took so much care in the content. But, he could take some care in the story and screenplay. He did few mistakes in screenplay. Total first half is just ok. But, the way he handled second half is top notch. Audience will get disappoint with the routine story line. Cinematography is the major highlight of the movie. He shown the village locations very Beautifully. Every frame is very rich. Music is excellent and the back ground music also lifted the movie to another level. Editing can be even more better. Production values are good.

Finally, Srinivas Reddy who tried a different movie without any comedy will get succeeded for sure. Every character is very natural in the movie. Krishna Bhagawan comedy is also major plus for the movie. If you avoid about the run time you will love the movie for sure.

Punchline: Interesting Village Story

Filmjalsa Rating:3/5

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