'janatha Garage' Teaser Created Records

Audience have huge expectations among 'Janatha garage'. They are eagerly waiting for this movie. In this process on the occasion of Ramzan festival 'Janatha garage' team released a teaser. Action and emotions are highlighted in the teaser.
By the dialogue "Balavanthudu balaheenudini bhayapetti brathakadam aanavayithi, but for a change ah balaheenudi pakkana kuda oka Balam undhi. 'Janatha garage' ichata anni repair lu cheyabadunu." Which said by NTR we can understand how the movie would be. Generally writers only can get this type of ideas.
Teaser got 1 million views in YouTube within 6 hours. With this we can understand that how fast are excited about this movie. This is a record. Now with the response got for first look and teaser there are huge expectations created on the movie also.

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