Janatha Garage Review

'Janatha garage' is a movie which got huge craze form when it was announced. Movie lovers got excited when NTR and Koratala Shiva are teamed up for this movie. Along with this Malayalam Super star Mohanlal role bought even more craze for this movie. Trailer got popular and increased expectations on the movie. The movie released today in both telugu and Malayalam languages. Lets see did it reached the audience expectations or not. Mohanlal who runs a mechanic shed named 'Janatha garage' in 1980 will not only repairs Vehicles but also repairs people who misbehaves. NTR lives in Mumbai who loves nature and ready to fight with anyone for the nature. NTR when visited to Hyderabad he finds Mohanlal son who is destroying nature with by a quary and will reach him for stopping it. From there NTR reaches 'Janatha garage'. What happens after he left to 'Janatha garage' is the remaining story. NTR proved himself once again with his performance. All the romantic scenes with Samantha and when she leaves him the emotion carried by him is unmatchable. NTR is one man army in second half. Mohanlal acting is also excellent. He is perfectly fit for this role. This is the reason he is called as complete actor.But, he has nothing much to do in the movie. Heroines are also only used in songs. Unni Mukundan and Sachin Khedkar are disappointed as villans. We cannot think them as villans. Sai kumar character is also nothing much to do. Rajeev Kanakala character is major plus for the movie. Devayani impressed with her natural acting. Kajal agarwal item song placed in wrong situation but she impressed with her dance and beauty. Ajay, Brahmaji and Vennela kishore did justice to their roles. Director took the line 'Saving the nature along with people' and developed it and made 'Janatha garage'. He may take care in screenplay. He created two great characters and didn't justified those characters. NTR is rarely seen along with Mohanlal in the movie. There are some scenes in second half but his aggression which is in first half is not seen in second half. We can't digest with a scene when Mohanlal met with accident and left 'Janatha garage'. Nature lover NTR will not talk about Nature in second half. He suddenly forgets nature and only thinks about people. All emotion scenes with NTR and Mohanlal came out really well. Mohanlal dialogue 'Addagoliga perigithe Kommalani kodukulani narikesina nenu ila ne unta' is very good. First 20 minutes after the intermission is major highlight of the movie. Rajeev Kanakala GHMC scene came out really well. Montage song Jaiho Janatha is picturised excellent. Pre climax scenes are not digestive. Both top heroines are not utilised in the movie. Nithya Menon character is not necessary in the movie. Length of the movie is very high and test the patience. Koratala Shiva impressed as writer and disappointed as director. He selected a good story but failed in execution. NTR and Mohanlal dominates Shiva mistakes with their acting. Cinematography is Top notch. These are the best visuals in NTR career. DSP as usually mesmerised with his music. Rock on bro song will be one of the best song in NTR career. Editing is good but may be even more better. Finally the idea of the movie is good but, NTR fans is not expecting this kind of movies from him. Punch line: 'Janatha garage' not all repairs done here.

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