Jakkanna Review

After Brahmanandam now, Sunil turned as a great comedian and later became hero with Andala Ramudu and Maryada ramanna. Now, he turned out as a full fledged hero and facing many flop movies. Now, he came with the full length comedy movie Jakkanna with the tagline Back to entertainment. RPA creations who earlier made Prema katha Chitram produced this movie which is directed by Vamshi Krishna Akella released today. Let's see how the movie is.. Coming to the story, there is nothing much about the story. Director choosed a simple plot. Hero use to follow all the good things said by his teachers. That is if anyone helps him he should definitely help them again. He use to help his friends. He will save one Rowdy named Bhairagi who saves his life when he was child. He will face many problems faced while saving him and in the process he will fell in love with a girl. How did he saved him finally and how did he get his love is the rest of the story. Director showed a different movie to us but when he is directing a movie with the hero like Sunil he should concentrate on the story. There are no logics in the movie. But he convinced audience logically, director must be appropriated for that. He must took care on the dialogues. Audience will get irritated with the Prudvi comedy which comes in second half. He will imitate Balakrishna in his total character. Sapthagiri comedy failed in first half and made some laughs in second half with the concept Bale bale mogadivoy. Director succeeded in using all the actors. He inserted unnecessary comedy in the movie which didn't helped in any way. Sunil penned all hopes on the comedy. He also concentrated on the heroism. He must take care on his dances. He became some fat in this movie. Heroine Mannara chopra is used only for songs. She does not has any scope for acting. Sapthagiri, Adhurs Raghu and Prudvi made some laughs. Dhinesh gave music for the movie in which linga linga song is attractive for the mass audience. All other songs are just about ok. Cinematography is excellent. Editor made his best but if there is nothing in the movie what can he do. Production values are also top notch. Finally for watching comedy there are many TV programs. There should be story in movie. The movie is depends on B, C center audience. Jakkanna didn't became Jakkanna

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