Huge Expectations On Nani's Majnu

In those days every hero use to release nearly five movies per year.They use to think If one became flop another one will become hit. But, later days changed. In 90's hero's used to act in 2-3 movies per year. Later it became very hard to release even one movie in a year. But, days are changing now again. Hero's are coming with Two movies per year. Few hero's are getting two successful movies in one year. But, there are no hero's got three successful movies in a single year. Now Nani has a chance to break the record. Already he has successful movies with Gentleman and Krishna gadi veera prema gadha this year. Now, he is coming up with Majnu. There is a huge positive buzz on this movie. Trailer also attracted by everybody. All the very confident on the movie. Nani is also planning to release his next movie 'Nenu Local' this year.Lets wait and see if Majnu gets success or not.

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