High Demand For Gpsk Rights

Top producers are not losing any new stories. When Bahubali released Dil Raju bought Nizam rights of the movie. UV creations bought couple of Tamil movie rights. Recently 'Janatha garage' rights are also bought by Dil Raju. Now everyone eyes are on 'Gautami putra shatakarani' movie.
Balakrishna is acting in this movie which is his 100 film directed by Krish. Already shooting is being done very fast. Even though there is more time for the movie to shape up already the Business is being done. Ceded area rights are sold already for Sai korrapati for 9 crores. Makers are demanding huge for this movie.
They are saying 30 crores for Andhra rights and 18 crores for Nizam rights. Lets wait and see will Balakrishna gets the expected amount or not. Director Krish movies are philosophical till now. He didn't touched the mass zoner. The movie got huge craze because of Balayya presence.

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