High Cost For Prabhas Physique

Baahubali, The Conclusion is the film what the nation want to see. The trailer is breaking all records over Youtube. Day by day some interesting news about the film is creating and hype the movie. We all knew that the hero of the movie, Tollywood handsome hunk Young Rebelstar Prabhas who is dedicated his five years for this epic Baahubali series. He did lot of hardwork for the characters Amarendra Baahubali and Sivudu and it have been clearly visible on screen also.

The physical transformation of Prabhas has stunned many in the film industry. Prabhas has gained weight to look the part for his role in ‘Baahubali’. Never before did a Tollywood star undergo as dramatic a Body transformation as Prabhas has undergone. He has trained for rock climbing, horse-riding, kick-boxing and sword fight from international Trainers.  Buzz is that Prabhas physical transformation costs whopping amount of Rs.15 crores for this five years of span.Latest news is that Prabhas made this physical transformation under world class Trainer Lakshman Reddy, the winner of the Mr World 2010 bodybuilding championship held in Las Vegas and has won 13 titles in India and abroad.

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