Heroine Radha About Chiranjeevi

Generally there used to be parents mainly mothers along with heroines in any shootings those days. They are seen as body guards at shootings. What ever you want to ask the heroine should first ask to her mother and later approach heroine. Same like this Radha has her mother everytime with her. So, Mega star Chiranjeevi named her 'Hitlaramma' for fun. This was said by Radha recently.
She said " My mother used to come with me for every shooting. She is a very strict person so, Chiranjeevi garu named her 'Hitlaramma'. But, he has huge respect on my mother. My mother is also a huge fan of him. They used to discuss everything." She also said that she met Chiranjeevi in the sets of 'Gunda'. She also said that she likes his dressing style. Chiranjeevi - Radha combination is a hit pair in those days. It is eye feast for fans seeing them dance together. There are many successful movies and songs in their combination.

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