Power Less Titles For Powerful Hero

Title is important for any movie because audience will impressed with the title first. Mainly mass audience will come to theatres if they like the title. But, tamil hero Surya is not caring about the title of his next movie. His movies like Yamudu and Singam did huge business in telugu but the sequel for these movies is now titled as S3. May be the title was confirmed because Surya is seen as international cop in this movie but there is more power in Singam 3 than S3. The latest teaser of this movie also didn't got any response. Only camera work and fights are appreciated.

We can't understand why Surya shows  interest in numbers to title his movies earlier his movies are titled as 6, 24 and now coming with 3. Already there is a talk that 24 movie is a flop because of the title didn't connected to the audience. Let's wait and see will he gets success with S3 or not.

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