Guppedantha Prema Movie Review

'Guppedantha prema' came in front of audience. This movie created a good buzz with its first look and trailer which is directed by Vinod lingala. Lets see how audience received this movie.
Story runs in the concept a first love between a boy and girl. A girl who enjoys freedom from her parents will see new life with a boy who enters into her life. Then routine stuff runs in the tale. Their friendship turns into love. But a new girl comes into hero's life. First girl thinks that he is in love with this new girl and hates him. But there is one more reason to hate him. What is that reason? How did they meet again ? Is the rest of the story.
On the every poster of this movie they printed that 'The magic of Toli prema' and rememberd us Toli prema movie. But director failed to show that magic on screen.A Movie is not what we like it is what audience will like. Already there are many movies in the concept of first love which are failures.
Sai Ronak performance is appreciable in this movie. He elevated every emotion very well. Heroine Aditi Singh is just about ok. The only character we talk about is Aishwarya. She attracted everyone with her bubbly acting. Naveen is good as hero friend. Noel, Prateek, Anand has nothing to do in this movie.
We should appreciate the director for showing this movie very great. He made every actor to perform well and succeeded as director. Sanjay loknath cinematography is Top notch from the first frame to the end cards. He shown some locations really well in Shillong and Meghalaya. Music of this film took into another level. Every song is excellent and so RR. Editing should be much better. Production values are top notch.
There is a dialogue in movie that there are no logics near girls but only magic's. Director followed this point in movie. In the very first scene Naveen closes the door and throws key. But his friends will bring him out surprisingly. Nobody will connect to a scene which he explain the bond of the first love. Heroine lives somewhere in the movie after she gets a freedom form her parents too. Why she lives there. Sometimes she comes to her parents rarely why she comes? Director missed all those clarity in this movie. Nobody understands why is Noel character in this movie.
Finally every year a love story is trend setting in tollywood. Let's wait and see if this movie sets that mark or not and how audience will receive it.
Punch Line: Guppedantha Concept
Filmjalsa Rating: 3/5

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