Good News For Bala Krishna Fans

There are three more months to change our calendars. But, pongal movies are started its celebrations. One after the other movies are excited. 'Shathamanam bhavathi' and 'Gautami putra shatakarani' teasers released on the occasion of dussera and said to meet for Sankranthi. Now, again there is a good news for Balakrishna fans.
Makers are planning to release the audio in the first week of December. The back ground music in the teaser which given by Chiranthan Bhat got unanimous response. Balayya fans are expecting huge with the audio too. Director Krish got huge credit for making extraordinary film like Kanche in low budget. So, he is coming with a perfect planning now with Historical story.
Movie is slated for release on January 12th. So if they release the audio in December there is no gap between the audio and movie. So, along with fans movie lovers will also connect to 'Gautami putra shatakarani'. So, makers decided to release the audio in December at any cost. If this becomes true Balakrishna fans will celebrate Sankranthi one month before.

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