Ghazi Movie Review

Generally there are very few experimental movies are seen in tollywood. That too based on wars are very few. There is no complete movie based on war till now. Now, Director Sankalp Reddy dared to make a film. The war in sea between India and Pakistan in 1971 is shown to us as Ghazi. 

Pakistan is divided into three parts in 1971. One part of the Pakisthan thinks that India is fighting with another part and comes to defend India. Pakistan targets I.N.S Vikranth and the mission name is 'Ghazi'. Ghazi Submarine is very bigger than Indian Submarine. How did India faced the Ghazi and how Indian soilders faced it is the rest of the story.

Coming to the performances every artist in the movie performed amazingly. They lived in each and every character. Rana gave career best performance as commander Arjun Varma. KK menon excelled in Ranveer Singh character. Thapsee has nothing much to do in the movie. Other actors like Om Puri and Nazzer did justice to their roles.

Director Sankalp must appreciated for his thought. Till now any movie didn't came on this base. This is the first movie in under water sequence. The movie is gripping from the titles to the end cards without inserting any commercial elements.We can see directors hard work in each and every scene. Few scenes gives us goosebumps.

He didn't show Pakistan in a negative way. He only shown the hard work that India done. There are few negatives in the movie that cannot point out. 

Madhe cinematography is top notch. He shown the Submarine in a fantastic way. The visual effects are also excellent. Editing is good. Art director succeeded in showing Submarine. Re reforging is good. The production values of PVP are excellent.

Plus points:


2) Graphics

3) Direction

4) Dialogues

Minus Points:

1)Misses Drama

2)Tapsee scenes

3)Slow narration in between

Punch line: Proud Indian film

Rating: 3.5/5

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