Gentleman Review

A hero who got life with the director is now decided to give life to the same director. This director is waiting for a success since many years. After many years this producer is producing a movie. Nani did a big dare by accepting Gentleman with a flop director. Lets see if Nani succeeded with his decision or not.
Nani is trying to get a new image with this movie. But if he failed in this it is draw back to his career. The expectations are very high with the posters and trailers which we saw. Nani did one more experiment with this movie. He shown his negative shades in this film for first time and Indraganti mohana krishna also did a thriller for the first time.
Jayram mullapudi is awarded with Young enterpriser in his very young age. He is not only a good business man but also a good human being. So Aishwarya industries owner decides to give her daughter to Jai and marry them. Jai also accepts this marriage. Aishwarya will left to London to meet her friend. While she is returning from London Catherine meets her and they become good friends in no time. Catherine gets shocked by seeing Jay who is same as her boyfriend Gautam. At the same time she knows that her boyfriend Gautam met with an accident and he died. But he comes to know that Goutam didn't die because if accident but somebody killed him through a reporter. So she tries to find out the mystery behind the murder. Did she found what happened actually? What is relationship between Gautam and Jai ? Is Nani really a hero of this movie? Or Villan? This forms the rest of the story.
Nani proved as Natural start one more time with his performance in this movie in negative shade. He is energetic in Gautam character and Reserved in Jai character and attracted all the audience. Nivedha thomos who did her debut with this movie in telugu got good marks for her performance. Surabhi has nothing much to do but attracted with her presence.  One more character in this movie is Srinivas Avasarala. He attracted everyone with his new shade. Vennela kishore made some smiles as Darshanam. Rest of all characters did their justice to their roles.
Indraganti mohana krishna select thriller subject for the first time with this movie. He shown his class direction in first half and thriller elements revealed in second half very interestingly. Screenplay is very gripping till the last scene. Manisharma music is major plus point for this movie. His BGM elevated movie to another level. Cinematography and editing are also appreciable.
The first half of this movie is bit slow. We remembers the scenes in Evade Subramanyam Doodh kashi scenes when they went to Kodai canal.
Finally Nani got one more success with Gentleman. He is growing day by day with his every movie. It is a worth watch movie for those who love different thrillers.
Punch Line: Nani The 'Gentleman'
FIlmjalsa Rating: 3.75/5

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