Gentleman Is A Real Test For Nani's Career

Bale bale mogadivoy created sensations by collecting 50 crores gross. It also collected 1.5 million dollars in America which is also a sensation. After that Krishna gadi veera prema gadha also collected decently. Everyone said both that movies are promoted very well and brought hype for those movies. But Gentleman Is not like that. There is no hype on this movie before release. Director Indraganti mohana krishna gave a big disaster before this movie. Producer shivalenka Krishna Prasad doesn't has a time light. Cast and crew are also not attractive. The only positive talk for this movie is Nani.
So Gentleman is a real test for Nani's career. The openings are the stamina of only Nani. So let's see the first day collections of Gentleman. This movie collected 5.5 crores gross and 3.3  crores share on its first day. It collected 1.45 crores gross and 75 lakhs share only in America. It collected 3.14 crores gross and 2.16 crores share in both telugu states. It collected 1.4 crores gross only in Nizam and proved Nani's stamina. This collections are enough to say Nani is going to be a Star hero very soon. Collecting this much with complete class movie is not easy. They are expecting that this movie will collect 20 crores gross in its full run.

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