Gautam Menon To Direct Ntr ?

If any hero gets success all the directors runs behind the hero for one chance. We thought there are few heroines only in industry these many days. But, the situation is same among heros too. There are 150 telugu movies releasing per year. Among them 10-15 are star hero movies and other 10 are small stars.

In this situation any director want to direct with the best hero who has a success before. The director is lucky if the hero has three successful movies back to back before directing him. NTR who is on a full swing with back to back successful movies like Temper, Nannaku prematho and 'Janatha garage' if accepts there are many directors waiting for him. Puri Jagannath, Vakkantham Vamshi and Anil Ravipudi are ready with the scripts to direct NTR. But, NTR yet to be decide the right story.

In this process Gautam Menon is also ready with a script for NTR. He want to narrate story to him if NTR is ready. Let's wait and see with whom NTR is going to work with.

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