Friend Request Audio Released

From the banner Modern cinema Aditya Om directed himself a movie which is co produced by Vijay Varma Palakapati a youthful horror entertainer is coming up which is named as 'Friend Request' . Recently audio of this film is released at Hyderabad Radio Mirchi office.
First CD is opened by director cum producer Aditya Om and Vijay Varma and given to Radio Mirchi program head Sai. In this event all the actors who acted in Friend request, technicians, singers, lyric Writer Bapu, Mirchi Swathi Aditya music members Madhav, Niranjan chary etc are attended.
Aditya Om said " We are very happy to release the audio of our movie from Aditya music". Singer Aushisha said she will sing very good songs in future.
Lyric Writer Thaidhala Bapu said " I wrote Friend request title song very well with the support of Aditya Om and Vijaya nirmala".

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