‘ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada’ Movie Review, Rating

Nikhil is coming with a different scripts everytime. This time he came with ‘Ekkadiki pothavu chinnavada’. Director VI Anand who introduced to tollywood with Tiger movie directed this movie too. From the title to the audio and theatrical trailer this movie got unanimous response from the audience. Hebba patel who got huge craze with Kumari 21F and tamil heroine Nanditha swetha are acting as heroines. Let’s see did the movie reached audience expectations or not.
Nikhil who went to Kerala for his friend(Vennela kishore) treatment will meet Hebba patel and likes her.He knows that she is a soul and came to meet Arjun. How does she die? Why did she came for Arjun? Finally who will pair up with Arjun? To know answers for all these questions you should watch the movie.

Nikhil is choosing different scripts and entertaining audience everytime. Nikhil is talented in selecting the scripts. His performance is as usually good in comedy timing and also in thriller. Nanditha swetha impressed as soul and also as a normal girl. We can observe every minor expression in her face. She gave good introduction into tollywood. Hebba patel is impressive as a charming and bubbly girl. Vennela kishore in first half and Satya in second half are hilarious. Viva Harsha comedy is good. Thanikella Bharani,Thagubothu Ramesh, Josh Ravi, Sudarshan, Bhadram, Apoorva Srinivas etc all did justice to their roles.

Director VI Anand wasted nearly 20 mins in the first half. Then Vennela kishore comedy made some laughs and a interesting interval block made first half gripping. Director impressed Everyone with a different screenplay. He created comedy in thriller zone. He can take more care in first half and trim some scenes. If these would have been done the movie may be in another level. Director must be appreciated for selecting this kind of story and presenting it. Cinematography is one more plus for the movie. Every frame is attractive. Two songs are good in the album which composed by Shekar Chandra. Back ground music lifted movie to the another level. Editing can be even more better. Production Values are topnotch.

Finally Nikhil select a different subject again and succeeded. This is a worth watch movie for the audience who like thrillers with comedy zoner.

Punch line: Different story with gripping screenplay

Rating: 3.25/5

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