Eedu Gold Ehe Review

Sunil is trying to prove himself as hero since many days. But, except couple of movies all other movies are failures at the boxoffice. He is trying to prove in acting, dances, body etc. But, only his talent is not enough for the success of the movie. Technicians are also important. Till now there are more flops than hits in his career. Finally audience are thinking that Sunil is good as comedian unnecessarily he became hero. Recently, Sunil came with 'Eedu gold ehe' on the occasion of dussera. From the past three years his career is very bad and recently he got huge disaster with Jakkanna. Now all his hopes penned on this movie which is directed by commercial director Veeru potla. Let's see did Sunil took the correct decision or not. Coming to the story as usually Sunil is a good person in the movie. He is Unlucky in everything. Where ever he works the owner gets loss. So, anybody comes forward to give him job. In this process a mother and son calls him and offers him the job. But, he is a big criminal. He will throw Sunil into a murder case. How did Sunil come out of that case? What is the reason the criminal selected only Sunil for the crime? How did Sunil meets Richa and Sushma? Is the rest of the story. Sunil should very soon know about what kind of movies he should do. In confusion he is doing same kind of movies. He should know what are audience expecting from him. Telugu film industry was changed totally. Even Mahesh babu is acting in different zoners like 1Nenokkadine, Srimanthudu and Bramotsavam. But, Sunil is still selecting clumsy stories. As per acting Sunil performance is good. Prudvi, Vennela kishore, Prabhas Sreenu and Shakalaka Shankar comedy worked out in parts. We don't understand why Jayasudha character enters into the movie. There is no scope for her Character. Her character will disappoint the audience. Coming to the villans there is a big list of them. Their performance is so so. There are two heroines in the movie but stick into only for songs and couple of songs. They does not have much to do in the movie. Veeru Potla handled comedy very good. There is no technician who worked hard for the movie. All the technicians are just about ok. There are three twists in the movie which are good. But, he didn't maintained the screenplay perfectly. He must kept the same effort on screenplay. Sagar mehati gave tunes for this movie in which we won't remember single song after watching the movie. Back ground music is good. Editing must be much better. Production values are good. Finally there are twists, comedy, action sequences, few love scenes in the movie. But, director didn't balanced all those things. So, movie good in parts.

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