Dsp, Thaman To Change Their Routs

Now tollywood top music directors are Devi Sri Prasad and Thaman. They are competitive themselves. But, there is a complaint on both the music directors. They both will give routine music and repeat the same tunes. Devi Sri is some what better. But, Thaman has many complaints. Now, they both are going to change their route for their next movies. They are trying to give fresh tunes. So they are focusing specially for this.
Mainly let us talk about Thaman. Thaman is one of the music director in south India who gives tunes very fast. This is the reason he will not give fresh tunes. Now, he is working hard for Sampath Nandi - Gopichand movie. He is doing intensive music sittings along with Sampath Nandi. They went to Mumbai for composing the tunes. Sampath asked fresh tunes from him. Unit sources say that Thaman also took the project as prestigious and working on it.
Other side Devi Sri Prasad is also working hard for Allu Arjun and Harish Shankar movie. This is a ultra modern movie so, Devi is planning to use new instruments for composing the tunes. Earlier all the albums in Bunny and Devi combination are blockbusters. Devi will keep special focus for Bunny movie. He also did Gabbarsingh with Harish Shankar. We need not to talk about the album. So, Bunny is the apt hero for his challenge. So he is trying to give special tunes for this movie.

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