Dookudu Sentiment For Hyper

This hero will never seen in news apart from his movie promotions. He will rarely promotes other hero movies. Then how to use Mahesh babu in movie promotions? Yes, 14 reels banner did it without his presence. They are producing a movie with energetic hero Ram which is titled as 'Hyper'.Raashi khanna Is playing female lead in this movie.
Santhosh srinivas is the director of this movie. Earlier 14 reels entertainment banner made back to back movies with Mahesh babu. Now, they are producing movies with small hero's too. 5 years back this banner did a movie with Mahesh babu that is 'Dookudu' which was a huge blockbuster. Now, producers are using September 23rd as their sentiment.
So, they are planning to launch Hyper theatrical trailer on that day. This is how they are using Dookudu anniversary. Apart from all these if there is good content in the movie result will be definitely positive.

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