Do Fans Know About Mokshagna 6 Pack?

Nandamuri Fans are eagerly waiting for Mokshagna entry. Sources say that Balakrishna decided to launch him in later this year. He thought to introduce him later but, because of the pressure from the fans he decided to launch him this year. He already started approaching Directors for his first movie. Other side Mokshagna is getting dance Training. Balakrishna is planning to launch him with the sequel of 'Aditya 369'.

But, there is a huge problem for Mokshagna. That is his weight. Mokshagna became very fast in past few years. Now, he is buzy in losing the weight. But, heavy weight doesn't matter for Nandamuri Hero's. Balakrishna, NTR, Hari Krishna, etc all these hero's got solid hits with solid personality. Sources say that Mokshagna is trying to get 6 pack body. Let's wait and see will his hard work pays off or not.

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