Danush Comments On Nayanatara

One of the top hero in Tamil Danush and  one of the top actress in south India Nayanatara are they both are never friendly from these many years. We don't know actually what happened between them. They both acted in a movie named 'Yarudi ni mohini' which is tamil version of 'Aduvari Matalaku Arthale Verule'. They both are very good at that time but sources say that they got misunderstanding in the film 'Namum rowdy daan' which is produced by Danush.

Danush gave warning to the director Vignesh shivan who is her boy friend. So they got misunderstandings. They didn't even seen in movie promotion also. Didn't talk about each other. So everyone forgot about that topic since few days. But the rumours surround again from Filmfare event.

Danush got the best producer award for the movie 'Namum rowdy daan'. He said the best heroine award should get to Aishwarya for the movie 'Kaka Muttai'. Actually best heroine award got to Nayanatara for 'Namum rowdy daan'. So Danush words about this award may bought angry to Nayanatara.

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