Collections Tsunami Foe Janatha Garage

Apart form the talk 'Janatha garage' is collections are steady at the boxoffice. The very first day it collected 28 crores share which is close to Bahubali. The movie has huge response in America more than both telugu states. It collected half million on the first day itself. Including with premieres the movie collected 5.6 lakh dollars on the first day and 4 lakh dollars on its second day. After completing the second day the movie collected 9.5 lakh dollars and close to reach one million dollars. The movie collected more than Nannaku prematho which got positive talk even with mixed talk. But, Nannaku prematho has huge competition when it released for Sankranthi but, there are no competitions for 'Janatha garage'. Sources say that the movie will collect 1.7-1.8 million dollars in three days. Nannaku prematho crossed 2 Millon mark. Now, 'Janatha garage' is ready to cross the mark easily. Overall 'Janatha garage' may collect highest collections in NTR career. The movie crossed 35 crores in just 2 days and may collect 60 crores in its full run.

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