Chuttalabbai Review

These director and hero got super hit movies for their debut. But, they both are in flops. Aadi and director Veerabhadram those who are waiting for success since few years. They both jointly maked a movie named as 'Chuttalabbai'. Let's see how was the movie. Aadi who works as recovery agent in Hyderabad will meets Namita promod co incidentally. Namita promod brother misunderstands them and he will give warning to Aadi. While Aadi is proving him that there is no relation between them then Namita promod comes out from her house because of their parents arranged a marriage to her which she don't like. In this process one gang will follow them. Who is that gang? Why they are following them? How did heroine escape from them? Is the rest of the story. Veerabhadram who started his career with Aaha na Pellanta and Poola Rangadu, got a chance with Nagarjuna for his third movie. But, he didn't reached the expectations. Bhai became huge disaster in Nagarjuna career. So, he got nearly three years gap. He came with Chuttalabbai with Aadi this time who want to prove himself. There is no rule that every movie should get success. Flops are common for any directiors. But, Veerabhadram who know his mistake and didn't repeated this time. He succeeded in giving entertainment to the audience. But, he failed in presenting the story new. Audience will know what will happen in the next scene. What is the directors greatness if audience guess the story? Coming to the performances Aadi acted very well when compared to his previous movies. He performed in all the angles. Heroine Namita promod is not up to the mark, she may do even more better. There is no need to talk about Sai kumar character. But audience will disappointed because he has nothing much to do in the movie. Some family scenes came out really well. 30 years industry Prudvi is hilarious as rowdy with his comedy timing. Shakalaka Shankar and Sudarshan made some laughs as Aadi friends. Ali has nothing to do in the movie as Kidnapper Krish. Posani Krishna Murali, Annapurnamma, Raghu babu did justice to their roles. First half is totally filled with comedy till interval. But, there are no interesting elements in the movie from the beginning. Along with story as discussed earlier. Heroine Namita promod should improve more. Coming to the technical values, Cinematography is Top notch. He shown Village locations in the second half very beautifully. Thaman music is below par except one or two songs. He didn't took care about RR. Production values are very good. We can see richness in every frame. Director took special care on punch dialogues. Editing is ok. Fights are very routine.we will remember Brindavanam fight at the interval. Finally,For Aadi who did comedy film apart from action movies, new comedy and dialogues, we can watch the movie for some entertainment. Punch line: Routine but entertaining 

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