Charan, Just Forget What Chiru Said!

Gang Leader was a trendsetter and a special movie in Chiranjeevi's career, that pushed him to thenext level of stardom. Few movies have that luck of having best in all departments and Gang Leader was sure one of them. As the movie completed 25 years of release, fans have been celebrating and so are Chiru and Charan. 

Ram Charan came up with dubsmash video of Chiru's famous dialogue in Gang leader and recalled his childhood memories of dancing for its superhit numbers. Chiru too lost in memories from the time of Gang Leader, but came out expressing his wish to see Ram Charan in that commercial blockbuster remake. Not just Chiru, but Sai Dharam Tej too opined that only Ram Charan has that right to be in Gang Leader remake. 

Well, keeping the rights and possibilities aside, Chiru's idea of making a reboot version of yesteryear's superhit movie is not liked by many movie lovers. Be it a classic or commercial potboiler, some movies remain great only if they were kept untouched with remake intentions. 

When Chiru's superhit songs from best time of his career are brought to present movies of Ram Charan and Sai Dharam, the new musicians failed to recreate that essence and disappointed fans to core. And when Chiru is expecting Ram Charan to reprise his role in Gang leader movie itself, it becomes the biggest blunder and it stays as bad as their attempt and experience in burning hands with remake of Zanjeer. So, Chiru might be expecting his son to become a 'Gang Leader', but it is Charan who must forget Chiru's wish and leave the movie as it is, evergreen!

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