Changes In Katama Rayudu Movie Script

Dabangg movie rights was bought in telugu for some crores and made lot of changes in the script and release the movie as Gabbarsingh which got huge appreciations. If Harish Shankar didn't do risk at that time even it was a bold step he would not be in this place now where he is. Sources say that now Pawan kalyan is going to do the same risk again.
Pawan kalyan is currently acting in a movie titled 'Katam rayudu' which Surya should do in Tamil. But, because of some issues Surya left the project. The script was written by taking Ajith 'Veeram' movie as base. Dolly entered the shoes of director and didn't made any changes.
But, Pawan kalyan was busy in politics and Dolly got so much free time. Sources say that he made lot of changes in that free time. He added lot of entertainment and Punch dialogues which Pawan kalyan fans are expecting from him. Pawan is going to seen as a faction leader in this movie who is unmarried even aged.

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