Chaitanya And Samantha Roaming On Hyderabad Roads

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are sawn in Tv and Newspapers till now. Earlier Samantha said in an interview that she is in love with a young hero. So there are many gossips that the young hero is Chaitanya. Later times of India also wrote an article that the engagement of this couple is also completed. Along with this the pair is roaming around Hyderabad everywhere. They came to watch 'A Aa' movie in cinemax a month before. Recently they caught on camera near Gvk hard rock cafe. Now they again sawn near 'Mamaa goto' restaurant after finishing their lunch. Everyone gets doubt by seeing them everywhere.. is this called love?? Currently Chaitanya is acting in Premam movie. Very soon this team will go to Norway for picturising the songs. Sam also has chances to join the 'Janatha garage' shoot.

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