Big B Dropped From 'rythu'?

Nandamuri Bala Krishna is full busy in his 100th movie 'Gautami putra shatakarani'. We all know that he has full clarity about his 101st film too. Creative director Krishna Vamshi is going to direct this movie which was titled as 'Raithu'. Recently Balakrishna met Amitab Bachan for doing a key role in this movie.

Latest sources say that Bib B is not interested to act in this movie. Recently Balakrishna met Bib B in the sets of Sarkar 3. So, everyone thought that he will act in this movie. Now, he is very busy in his work so he can't act in this movie.

Amitab Bachan said to wait till July 2017 for his dates. But, there is no situation to postpone the shoot till 6 months. So, Raithu team decided to continue the shoot without Big B.


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