Aravind Swamy Comments On Siima Online Poll

Handsome hero Aravind swami fired against a award program in Tamilnadu for keeping polls for Hero's. He said " You give award to the hero you like but don't degrade another hero's by Polls. Actor is in field because of his acting". Present this senior star is working in Ram charan's Dhruva.
Filmfare and Siima announced their awards. 'Aravind swami' nominated as best villan for the movie 'Thanai Oruvan'. There he said "Comparing with other actors like this and also conducting online polls  and dont insult other actors". That is true.
Some actors may have many fans those who are in online and they may get huge votes. We cannot judge the performance of other actor by this. Will Aravind swami comes to take award or not but his comments are hot topic now.

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