Anil Ravipudi Direct To Kalyan Ram Agian

Kalyan ram Patas is one of the blockbuster movies from last year which is directed by new comer Anil Ravipudi. After this movie sucess the concept Nandamuri Nama Samvatsaram came out. Kalyan Ram produced this movie himself. He is seen as corrupted police in this movie.
After this Anil Ravipudi directed Supreme with Sai dharam Tej and got one more success. Now there is a talk they Kalyan ram and Anil Ravipudi are planning for one more movie. Already Kalyan ram accepted the story line. Kalyan ram himself is producing this movie. Anil Ravipudi is going to direct Energetic star Ram for his 3rd movie. Once that movie completed he will direct his 4th movie with Kalyan ram again.
Now Kalyan ram is also busy with his movies. He is acting in the direction of Puri Jagannath currently. After he completed that movie he will join with Anil Ravipudi. It is excited that hit combination repeating once again.

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