Amala And Samantha Roaming

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha love story revealed in tollywood now. Recently Nagarjuna also gave some clarification about their love and marriage but let's wait for the official announcement. Samantha already became family member of Akkineni family. She is also roaming with them. Not only with Chaitanya, Samantha is also seen with Akkineni Amala and Akkineni Akhil. Those pics are now trending in social media. All are saying that the bonding between Amala and Samantha are superb. Amala also actress in tollywood and later became Akkineni family member. Now, Samantha is repeating the same history. Other side total Akkineni family is in full Josh. Naga Chaitanya marriage is fixed in one side and Akhil is also getting ready to marry on other side. Sources say that their marriage will be done separately.

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