100 Days Of Love Review

Salman and Nithya Menon acted in a movie named '100 days of love'. The movie was released in 2015 and dubbed into telugu as same title. Earlier they acted in a couple of movies which got good success. Now, they again acted in a movie named 100 days of love which released today. Jeenus Mohammad directed this movie which is presented by SSS movies and produced by N. Venkata ratnam. Lets see how the movie is. Hero will work in a news paper as Feature writer. Already he was a love failure. In that time he meets heroine. In the very less time they both become good friends. Heroine is already ready for marriage with another person. How they both fell in love how did they gain their love is the rest of the story. As said from beginning Nithya Menon and Salman pair is the major highlight of the movie. They both attracted with their acting. Director picturised all the scenes of them beautifully. Nithya Menon proved herself one more time with her performance. Director showed every character in the movie beautifully. The scene which hero propose heroine came out really well. Director titled 100 days of love and disappointed audience. He started love Story in second half. Hero is in search of heroine in total first half. Nithya character is introduced very late in the movie which audience feel disappointed. We may think that did I came for love story in one time. Makers are decided to direct the love stories very slow. The movie runs very slow. Movie will test the patience of audience in parts. Coming to the director he choosed a good story but presented it very slowly. But, finally he mesmerised with his magic. We need not to talk about the cinematography after seeing the promos and posters of the movie. Pratish varma Cinematography is Top notch. Editing is good but, he can trim couple of scenes in the first half to make the story gripping. Govind Menen music is very pleasant. Already audio got good response. The song which Nithya Menon sang became a chat buster. Production values are excellent. Finally, audience who like slow love stories will like this movie for 100%. Punch line: 100 days of slow love story

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