The Monk Who Became Chief Minister -yogi’s First Biography Launched In Owasi’s Land

Hyderabad 23 September 2017 : The Monk who became the Chief Minister written by Shantanu Gupta was released today at the Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. The author and other panelists were interviewed by Vivek Modi. Speaking at the occasion, Shantanu said, the state of Uttar Pradesh, with 22 crore people and 80 Lok Sabha seats, is one of the very crucial political pieces in India's electoral puzzle. With a history of producing many Prime Ministers for the country, UP has given yet another prospect for the Prime Minister’s office, in the post-Modi era in the form of Yogi Adityanath. 

While answering – Who is Yogi Adityanath? author said - Yogi is a young 44 years old chief minister of the most populous state of India. At this young age, he already has two decades of grueling experience, as a parliamentarian. His performance credentials in the parliament on the account of questions, debates, and private members bills is among the best in the parliament. He has been part of various standing committees and parliamentary panels. His natural ability to connect with the people, through his Janta-darbars at the mutt, is parallel to only a long time RSS pracharaks. Yogi and his Gorakhnath math is running more than 45 institutions in the eastern region of the country form many decades, where more than 50,000 students study, which makes him a strong administrator. Unfortunately because of their hate for saffron attire popular media and opposition, never focused on the merits of Yogi Adityanath.

Padmasri Awardee, TH Chowdhary said, he was elated when the name of Yogi Adityanath was announced as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He said even as per Bhagwat Geeta, whenever there is rampant corruption, mis-governance and lack of morality in the government and society, some saint has to come to clean the system. 

Noted film director Madhura Srishar said, we should make more biopics on political personalities. He said after Gandhi, not many big biopics were made on political figures. The personalities with whim people connect at the emotional level can be and should be converted into movies. Because of hassles like taking permission, high budgets and risk of proper ROI, people have refrained the make biopics in past. He said people like Modi, Yogi, KCR have emotional appeal and can be converted into biopics. 

Rama Murthy, VP of Genpact told that people working in IT and BPO sector in 80s never connected with Indian politics but after liberalization, people started making big in India and started getting involved in India. Today many senior strategists in different parties come form IT background and today’s youth uses social media extensively to express their political opinion. To this Shantanu said, thanks to PM Modi, that people have started taking interest in politics post 2014. Now Political parties also leverage high quality talent. Previous IT head of BJP Arvind Gupta had many technology patents on his name and current It head of BJP, Amit Malviya comes form strong investment banking background. 

Shantanu said, Hyderabad has been very important in his life. He has been married to a Hyderabadi girl, started his corporate career with a company in Hyderabad – Intergraph in 2001 and started his social career also with an NGO in Hyderabad in 2009 – Naandi Foundation. Young turk Sandeep Motta and social activist Vamsha Tilak also expressed their thoughts on Yogi Adityanath.

On Yogi-Modi comparison Shantanu said, both are Yogi’s and bachelor of sorts, extremely popular and hard working individuals. Like Atal got a Advani and Modi got a Amit Shah on their path for the big seat, Yogi has to spot his companion in this journey.

Its noteworthy that the Book, The Monk Who became Chief Minister, is published by London based, publisher Bloomsbury. The book is among the top recommend read by HT Brunch and Asian Age. The book is in the top 10 rankings among the biographies on Amazon and in top 3 in the WH Smith charts. The author was invited by the prestigious Pune International Literature Festival (PILF) two weeks back. Book has already got selected from the Literature festivals and fests at Noida, Lucknow, Odisha, Jaipur, Dehradun and Mumbai.

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